IgniteHer Power: Along My Way to JOY

IgniteHer Power, in partnership with Cocoon to Wings Publishing debuts a leading cast of women in this book compilation,  IgniteHER Power: Along My Way to JOY – Volume I. Coming in 2019! 

An Amplified Collective of Women Voices. Sharing Power Stories of Self-Discovery, Perseverance, Overcoming, and Soul-Renewal. 
Take this pilgrimage through the soul of these courageous contributing authors as they share their gritty narratives of transformative truths and soul declarations. Journeys of identity and the pathway to self-discovery, healing and fulfillment that was paved by JOY!  

Discover who they finally arrived as courageously on the other side of their pain, disappointments and grief? 


After the rejection, betrayal, and depression, at what point did they decide to “give in’ rather than give up?


How did they develop their posture in the eye of the storm?

Meet the Team

Shelley Parris Williams, wellBEING Activist & Holistic Practitioner, blends Holistic Health, Life Coaching, Mind Mastery and Energy Medicine; Shelley is a published author, speaker and workshop/retreat facilitator, who has trained with world-renowned master teachers from across the globe. She is no stranger to the healing power of one’s voice delivered through the written word. Under her former imprint, Infinite Possibilities Publishing Group, she successfully published a popular line of self-help and personal development books written by various authors. Shelley learned to emerge from beyond the shadows of a plagued victim mindset to empower herself with a masterfully re-written POWER story, propelled by her commitment to leading a fulfilled life on purpose! This ultimately led to the birth of her lead company, The Womb Sanctuary, a Sacred Space for Women to BE Seen, Heard and Loved. Committed to creating High Vibrational Spaces for women to explore and discover their sweetest truths, all while cultivating a radically unapologetic selfLove and selfCare practice. Women learn the concept of being self-FULL, how to refill their JOYcup, FIRST, and live and serve from the overflow. Shelley delivers the very same principles, tools and techniques she used on her own personal healing journey  to transcend her own Pain Story as a daddyless daughter and teen mother who, at the tender age of 15, lost her own mother. Shelley now, boldly navigates the world as a fierce MOMpreneur and advocate for women and girls. She actively works on community initiatives, and other collaborative projects to further the cause for women and families’ health and wellness. Her work has garnered her the 2018 Tampa Bay G.I.R.L.S. Rock Award for Health and Wellness.

Shelley Parris Williams

Visionary, The Womb Sanctuary | IgniteHER Power

Stephanie Outten is an anointed Woman of God, Publisher, Bestselling author, Literary Doula, and Transformation Agent. The Creatress of Cocoon to Wings Publishing & Coaching, her platform is centered on JOY. As the brainchild of Cocoon to Wings Publishing, Stephanie honed her craft as a publisher by studying under one of the top independent publishers in the country and two multi-bestselling authors. She utilized all of the knowledge gained to self-publish her first novel in December 2016, Is This the Way to Joy? which is symbolic of the journey she took to re-write her pain story and turn it into her JOY story.

By April 2017, she became a co-author in the Bestselling Anthology, Soul Talk. From there, she was tapped by a fellow author interested in having Cocoon to Wings to publish an anthology, Fearless Faith, released in April 2018. Stephanie is currently working with new authors to publish their upcoming works while also working on her next novel, I Found JOY. She is a passionate coach who uses her 20+ years of Corporate Human Resources and coaching experience to help countless women make successful power moves in life, work, and business. Stephanie is also a compelling and energetic “literary doula” guiding women through birthing their “literary babies” into the marketplace. Through her signature writing workshop, Write Your JOYstory – THINK | SEE | WRITE, she has helped numerous women begin the process of getting their books, short stories, and anthology chapters written.

Stephanie Outten

Publisher, Cocoon to Wings Publishing

Volume 1: Co-Authors