IgniteHer Power: Along My Way to JOY

IgniteHer Power, in partnership with Cocoon to Wings Publishing debuts a leading cast of women in this book compilation,  IgniteHER Power: Along My Way to JOY – Volume I. Coming in 2019! 

An Amplified Collective of Women Voices. Sharing Power Stories of Self-Discovery, Perseverance, Overcoming, and Soul-Renewal. 
Take this pilgrimage through the soul of these courageous contributing authors as they share their gritty narratives of transformative truths and soul declarations. Journeys of identity and the pathway to self-discovery, healing and fulfillment that was paved by JOY!  

Discover who they finally arrived as courageously on the other side of their pain, disappointments and grief? 


After the rejection, betrayal, and depression, at what point did they decide to “give in’ rather than give up?


How did they develop their posture in the eye of the storm?