The IgniteHer Power Experience®

I am beyond thankful for all the people whom I have partnered and worked with over the years! Take a look at a series of “ShiftHer” monials from our amazing clients and supporters! Learn more about the IgniteHer Experience. Schedule a call with one of our ambassadors today!. Schedule Call Now

I experienced my third eye opening, and the weight of world releasing from my shoulders. I have clarity and seek connecting with my femininity. My session with you is the beginning of a journey – a journey of healing and growth. You embody the spirit of care, compassion, passion and wisdom. You have brought an amazing gift to women.

Karen Friend, Vitamins Manager

“I experienced some great ways to release myself of different burdens I have been carrying. I also worked on some exercises that will help fill me to where I am able to pour from the overflow of my cup. I am receiving inner peace, exhale, realese, forgiveness, healing, wisdom, love and respect. Thank you Shelley! (Click on my name below to hear the video testimonial)

Ashley John, Owner of Fete Fit

Regardless of your current state of mind, the warm environment and Shelley as your practitioner demands your attention and focus. Modalities used promote and stimulate circulation of blood and most of all emotions, (energy in motion). 

Patricia Clyne, RN, BSN

“Words can’t describe how much Shelley has helped in shifting my life in the right direction. I thought I had it all together but was tired of repeating some of the same life lessons over and over. I highly recommend women take the time out for themselves and visit. Shelley is an amazing, patient and genuine coach. She’s an igniter! I’ll be forever grateful!” You will not be the same after working with her. 

Yoli James, CEO of She's Boss

Everything was perfect! Shelley clearly is fulfilling her calling and we woman are so lucky to receive the benefit of her gifts. She is supportive, nurturing,encouraging and a true healer. Shelley knows exactly what us women go through, what we feel, how we think. Life has prepared her well to be a leader and to show women how to come home!!!

SaRee Purcell, Barefoot Massage

“In my beautiful and powerful session, Shelley supported my need to connect with my womb and to enhance self trust. In a time of despair and uncertainty, I received the gift of hope. I feel rejuvenated and connected. I am thankful!”

Genna Giacobassi, Nomadic | Folk | Soul Artist