What Is IgniteHer Power®? 

IgniteHer Power is the brainchild of Shelley Parris, Creatress of The Womb Sanctuary Wesley Chapel, FL. Ignite Her Power  programs cater specifically to clients that are ready to MAKE S.H.I.F.T. Happen in their lives.  The IgniteHer Power Programs® were developed to assist clients with dismantling the limiting beliefs and disrupt the program that keeps individuals locked in a vicious cycle of doubt, despair, and defeat.

Shelley Parris Williams, selfCare Advocate & Mind/Body Practitioner, blends Holistic Health, Life Coaching, Mind Mastery and Energy Medicine; Shelley has formulated a unique system of simplified breathing techniques, energizing postures and creative visualization where she helps you to achieve optimal health by harmonizing the body, mind and soul. While working with Shelley, you will discover the resonance in your life, putting you in alignment with vitality, abundance and fulfillment. Her method inspires you to follow your passion cultivating restorative connections to yourself and others, which promote emotional wellbeing and the creative boldness required to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Her ability to Make SHIFT Happen has made Shelley a sought after facilitator, speaker, and ambassador with a connective spirit that engages audiences through her ongoing empowerment events, coaching programs, wellness products and strategic partnerships.

Shelley has an expansive background in personal and professional development. She has trained with world-renowned master teachers, experts, coaches and trainers from across the globe. A brief highlight of her studies, include program intensives and certfications from the following: The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, American Fitness Professionals and Associates, SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, The Blend Academy, The Womb Sauna University, Natural Wellness Academy, Robbins Research International, Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation and Landmark Worldwide.     

Shelley navigates the world as a fierce MOMpreneur and lover of humanity. She is dedicated to seeing others live whole by promoting tools and resources to help them do so. She is currently working on community initiatives, and other collaborative projects to further the cause for women’s health and wellness. 

She recently launched her own brand of water, adding to the comprehensive line of wellness products Shelley distributes through her lead company, The Womb Sanctuary serving as CEO, Chief Energy Officer.  She is also working on completing her second book, IgniteHER Power: A Rebellious JOY Guide to Making S.H.I.F.T. Happen in Your Life!

Is IgniteHer Power® for YOU



Are You Ready to End the Argument for Your Limitations and Create a MakeSHIFT Happen Mindset?


Are You Ready to Create New Possibilities In Your Life?


Are You Ready to Manifest Your Own Life Power Story to Include Joy, Abundance, Peace, and Fulfillment? 

If you answered “YESS”, to any of the above – Book a 30-Minute Consultation with a IgniteHer Power Coach® Today!. 

 What Is Our Methodology? 

The Divine Y.E.S.S. Methodology® falls under the auspices of The Blend Academy, Incorporated Headquarted in Tampa, FL.  The Academy’s goal is to enourage individuals, small businesses owners, and leaders to PLAY FULL OUT – living their lives on purpose by coming into agreement with God, themselves, and others. Each of the Blend Academy Facilitators, Partners, and Coaches have been trained (based on their specific domains of wellness) to assist and guide their clients down a path that will ultimately lead them to living the life of their dreams.

Dimensions of Wellness:  Soul Awareness, Self (Self-Full) Awareness, Energy Awareness, Relationship Awareness, Inspirational Awareness, Wealth Awareness. Combined all the dimensions contribute to an individual living a healthy and full life. Because of this they are able to show up and become more present in their homes, work, and in the community. 


 Rediscover who YOU are and create a place of harmony for yourself.


Explore the highest vision for yourself based on domains of wellness.


 Create solutions by way of a unique Signature System.


 Share your journey and strive to serve and support others .

The IgniteHer Power® established and Founded by Shelley Parris Williams of Wesley Chapel, FL is an APPROVED program under The Blend Academy, Incorporated.  Shelley Parris Williams has adopted The Blend Academy’s above Divine Y.E.S.S. Methodology® to include in The Ignite Her Power overall program structure. Shelley Parris Williams has a license to provide instruction using The Blend Academy’s approved curriculum and the program’s custom S.H.I.F.T. Signature System®.  

Note: Shelley Parris Williams or any of the companies and/or entities that she represents does NOT own The Blend Academy, Incorporated’s Methodology. Shelley Parris Williams has been given rights to facilitate their program using The Blend Academy, Incorporated Methodology®. 

The IgniteHer Power S.H.I.F.T. Signature System®

Shelley Parris Williams, has adopted the Divine Y.E.S.S. Methodology to include in the IgniteHer Power Program. The IgniteHer Power overall client solution includes a (3-STEP) S.H.I.F.T. Signature System® process. 



Step 1:  The IgniteHer Power Program conducts pre-assessments with our client’s by utilizing a Biopsychosocial approach. Clients are provided a clear scope in which to view the current conditioned state they have been operating their life from. Identifying where one is makes it easier to navigate and close the distance on where you truly want to be in your life.  

Step 2:  A customized toolkit is created that will assist each client with overall transformation. 


Step 3: The IgniteHer Power Program conducts post-assessments with our client’s by utilizing Transformational Markers to establish a clearly defined road map to destiny points contained within their very own cellular memory. 

Note: The IgniteHer Power Program is structured to ensure that each client will not only meet and exceed results, but maintain a healthy lifestyle mind, body, and soul. Our program clients will also receive a custom maintanance plan. 


The Blend Academy, Incorporated 

Are you a purpose driven organization that is looking to create a God-Sized dent in the world? Would you be interested in providing your client’s with a signature system and results-driven approach to living the life of their dreams? If “YESS”, book a 30-Minute Consultation with The Blend Academy, Incorporated today. Schedule Now!